Why/How Law of Attraction works- But its not how its has been Sold to you so far!

Law of Attraction does work:  So say some of Hollywood’s most of successful proponents, who are:

Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Arnold Schwarznegger, Denzel Washington, Steve Harvey to name only a few.

Yes they have all made it work, but 94% of all people who tried have failed to get any benefit from Law of Attraction. Why? Why did they (Hollywood stars) succeed and so many others fail?

I believe they all succeeded by doing a very similar thing:

  • They made a list/set of goals that were very specific and quantified
  • They wrote these out and generated visual representations of their goals
  • They looked at and/or read their list everyday
  • They all worked hard at their job and took the opportunities as they arose
  • They spent time/years at achieving their goals.

Our list of Hollywood celebrities mentioned above, all were extremely driven, they all wanted to succeed at their careers. Most importantly they never gave up and took opportunities as they arose.  It is these opportunities that many may think appear out of the ether but they don’t they are/were always there but were not recognised as an opportunity until they can be put to a goal or stepping stone to your ultimate goals.

Why them and not us:

We are almost all NOT currently living/working in our ideal jobs unlike our celebrities (ie it was easier for them to stay highly motivated and work on it each day). They were constantly surrounded by their ideal job they just needed a break.

Now finally, a program called Mind-Re-Set which I developed will enable anyone to spend only 2-3mins twice a day to achieve the same successes as our highly entrenched/motivated celebrities.  I can also imagine, if our celebrity friends saw what Mind-Re-Set could do, they would take it up in a flash

Mind-Re-Set: is a one stop program to change your life to what ever you want. No 100 page manuals and long audio tapes or strange music to listen to each day. Via our program you are able to set ultimate goal/s, 12 month goals, 30 day goals (from over 760 suggestions spread over 6 themes. From there, you use our unique 4 validation methods (written, visual, audio, physical) to complete your program.  Then all of this is packaged up into your personal program and is playable from your smart phone via our unique player app. Mind-Re-Set is missing piece of the puzzle to make law of attraction work for anyone and not just the 6% that made it work by shear tenacity or maybe luck.

Check it out at www.mind-re-set.com and stay tuned for a special announcement next week about a unique One on One coaching offer with me Stephen Fries Creator/Founder & CEO of Mind-Re-Set.