The Power of the Mind

Current buzz worlds: Law of Attraction, Mind-Re-Set, Manifesting etc

The science (the Secret) of Law of Attraction and Manifesting is to do with how you talk to yourself.

What its not about is:

  • There is no universe that delivers anything or everything
  • There is no immediate money in your bank
  • There is no magical appearance of riches or anything you are wanting.

Anyone who tells anything different is not telling the truth.

Let me be clear!

What you say to yourself is what you are, and will be, and whether you know it or not, you currently doing this hundreds or thousands of times a day, Right Now, and you are hardly aware of it.

Law of attraction, the Secret and Manifesting products are all talking about the same thing but the programs available currently are unclear as how and why it works hence the over 90% failure rate of people using them.  They make you do so much work and are so confusing to use, with so many components and require only 15-20minutes each day. Its impossible for almost anyone to put them together and then use them let alone find the time, to get the results you want and deserve. Not to mention the huge number of add on components you need to buy if you want career success, or financial success, etc.

Fortunately, there is one alternative and I say only ONE alternative and that is to use Mind-Re-Set.

Mind-Re-Set was developed with the intention to be a one stop program for anyone to get what they really want from their life. It is so simple and easy to create your own unique program and yet once done (30-40min) you can replay it any time you like 2-3min each time, directly from your smart phone.  No fumbling through 100 page manuals, listening to 45min audio track, chanting, cheat sheets (that don’t really help), hypnotism, and finding 15-20mins each day.

There is no Universe out there wanting to give you the things you want, there is no cosmic vibration coming to you. 


Mind-Re-Set is a digital program that enables you to set your goals, we all know that without a goal or a purpose you stand still.  Mind-Re-Set enables you to set your Ultimate goal and other supporting goals. It can be anything at all, and to help, we have grouped over 760 suggestions into 6 themes:

Financial Success, Business/Career Success, Relationships/Family improvement, Health, Sporting Success, Giving.  Or you can completely write your own.

You will then use our 4 Affirmations to enhance the strength of your goals, they are:

Visual, (digital vision board, Audio (your voice), Written, Physical.

Mind-Re-Set then packages all of this up and creates your own unique program which can be played on our unique player app straight from your smart phone. We recommend you use our alarms to remind you to play your program first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Next post i’ll tell you how and why Mind-RE-Set works.