Part 2: Power of the Mind

As I mentioned in my previous post its all about how you talk to yourself.

Mind-Re-Set enables you to play your unique program, and with each play the message it sends to your sub-conscious becomes stronger and stronger. If you play it as we suggest first thing in the morning and last thing at night, (when your conscious mind is weak and tired) the message is more easily and clearly received by your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind has the same strength no matter what time of day or night. It works hard at trying to achieve what you are asking from it. It does not ask why or that’s impossible etc. only your conscious mind does this. Hence why there is no much change in day to day outcomes

Now this brings me to the aspect of the claim that the universe or cosmos or cosmic vibrations will bring you what ever you want. You just have put out there good vibrations and it will be delivered. NO it won’t, what will happen, is that your sub-conscious mind is now on the constant look out for what you keep asking for.  As time goes on and the more the sub-conscious mind hears the same message from you, the strong this need to fulfill your wishes becomes. 

Your sub-conscious mind will find things in your ever day life that reflect your wishes or a way to achieve them or part of them. It is then up to you to act on those opportunities and see if they fit.  Your sub-conscious will not stop until you see and act on the opportunity/s for each particular goal.  There is no magic universe or free money appearing in bank accounts or luxury cars/houses, holiday’s etc .  Hello we all live in the real world. However these can and will come, when you act on the opportunities put in front of you that your sub-conscious has found.

Mind-Re-Set has made this part of seeding your sub-conscious so simple it is done in 3 step. No reading books, or listening to long boring audio tapes with strange music for 20-30min/day.  Who has time for all of that? Not me, not anyone I know, we are all busy people.  No need to pick which part to use for what or parts of a 4-5-6 aspect of programs to use and how to put them together.  Mind-Re-Set has done it all for you. It’s the only One Stop program available. You only pick your goals and complete your affirmations and its done. Play it from your smartphone and you are on your way to your ideal life.

Mind-Re-Set is so complete we will never up sell you another single program to ensure that you have success in changing your life.  We cover it all in our 6 themes plus you can write your own goals as well.  Mind-Re-Set is the only program where your program, will be completely unique for you, no two programs will ever be the same. Your goals, Your digital vision board, Your Audio, Your physical contact

People (over 90% of them) who have tried LOA, the Secret and anyone of the many other manifestation programs and are tired of the constant work/time required and have had little or no success.  I know Mind-Re-Set will work for you.

Our Mission is to change the way people talk to themselves, how they think about themselves and how to liberate them from their current everyday lives to their desired lives.

To get them to be the best version of themselves.

To let that transformation, flow on to all the people around them and we will see the world change.

Help us get to and change 100 million people’s lives in the next 2 years.  Image how much better the world would be let alone the lives of the people who have made this transition to be the best version of themselves.

Please forward this link to anyone you know who wants to change any part of their lives.